Monday, August 14, 2006

Fascist whines about PLP nailing him

Sadly, he survived.

PLP womps some racist ass

A more recent video produced by the predecessors of the fascist Minuteklan.

Watch PLP kick some fascist ass in 1975!

Part 1 on YouTube of a documentary featuring PLP beating the shit out of fascist scum!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bringing on the Fascism

If anyone missed Bush's recent public address announcing his new fascist plans for "immigration reform," you can watch all 16+ minutes of it here.

Militant Liars

How does one lie, but do it militantly? One possible answer is by becoming a writer for the SWP rag, the Militant. In the most recent issue (5/22/06), Militant writer Sam Manuel opines,

In 1938 the CP-led unions in New York organized a May Day parade to the accompaniment of patriotic songs. Placards and banners in the march denounced German fascism but made no mention of Washington’s war preparations. In spite of that, ILGWU locals declined to take part in the flag-waving parade and held their own May Day rally. The Socialist Workers Party held May Day meetings in several cities, opposing the imperialist war moves and commemorating the Russian Revolution. After the imperialist slaughter began, the U.S. Stalinists and Social Democrats buried May Day celebrations altogether in the name of “national unity.” For decades the bosses thought that, while May 1 continued to be celebrated around the world, they had killed it in the United States.

Manuel abruptly cheers up, writing "Today, however, with millions of foreign-born workers joining the ranks of the working class and bringing their traditions of struggle, May Day is being reborn in this country as a day of international working-class struggle."

I would be counted among the last to deny the profound influence of the foreign-born workers who turned out for May 1 this year. However, I find it remarkably hard to believe that Manuel is completely unware of the fact that PL has publicly celebrated May Day for over 35 years, in marches on both coasts. This might have made it difficult for the bosses to think that "they had killed [May Day] in the United States," if for no other reason that we have led some of our May Day marches directly by the White House. Of course, to the folks of the once-Trotskyist-now-Castroist SWP, who publish the Militant, we're just a bunch of "Stalinists," so perhaps we just don't count.

Arguably more disingenuous is the statement that in 1938 "The Socialist Workers Party held May Day meetings in several cities, opposing imperialist war moves and commemorating the Russian Revolution." At this time the SWP was firmly Trotskyist. If one can put aside the fact that at this very time Trotsky was plotting with his own--and for all intensive purposes--Fifth Column to depose the Stalin leadership in the USSR during threatening Fascist aggression, and making contacts with the Germans and Japanese fascists, one could still take issue with the SWP's stance that WWII was simply a fight between two imperialist alliances, instead of the heroic struggle of the Soviet peoples against Fascist world domination. If by "commemorating the Russian Revolution" Manuel means "hoping to reverse the Russian Revolution and objectively supporting the forces of Fascism," then his hacky piece would be marginally more truthful. Of course, that's not what he meant. The only thing the SWP is "militant" about is lying through their teeth.

PL has carried forth the banner of revolutionary communism from the tomb of the old CP, and advanced its line significantly. We have celebrated May Day with public marches for decades, and we will continue to do so. In the end, I'm not so sorry the SWP has felt inclined to gloss over this as though it never happened. When these class-traitors spread blatant lies about something as important as the history of May Day in the U.S., you know we're on the right track.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's Not Just Bush...

42nd Street.

Update: I'm still adding photos to the May Day 2006 post, so keep checking it.